What Are Some Short Haircut Ideas for Naturally Curly Hair?


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Some ideas of cuts for people with short curly hair include an afro, shag and bob styles. Individuals with coarse, curly hair must tread carefully when it comes to selecting shorter haircuts. It is best to choose these haircuts by considering face shape and the natural tightness of the curls.

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What Are Some Short Haircut Ideas for Naturally Curly Hair?
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Rounder faces look more flattering when haircuts are chin-length and longer, while more slender faces can get away with shorter haircuts like pixies. These are not rigid rules, and many women can defy these suggestions and still look incredibly attractive.

On the other hand, if the curl-pattern is rather loose, an individual has more flexibility in how short to cut the hair since it is unlikely to draw up, or shrink, all that much. If the curl-pattern of the hair is naturally tight, it is wise to steer clear of extremely short looks and instead try styles that offer some range in case of shrinkage.

An afro is ideal for the naturally curly hair characteristic of African-American women. In women of other races, very tight curls do well in a shag cut that is of moderate length. Looser waves cut into a bob or lob are often extremely flattering. These haircuts work well for individuals with naturally wavy hair as they frame the face beautifully.

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