How Do You Shop With Avon in Canada?


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Customers have two options for shopping Avon products in Canada: buying through the Avon website or finding a local Avon representative. Avon has representatives all over Canada who host in-house sample parties and allow customers to order through the catalog.

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To purchase Avon products online, go to the Canadian Avon website and click on the "Shop Products" tab at the top of the page. Scroll through the different categories of products, selecting desired ones to put into the online shopping cart. When ready to make the purchase, click on the shopping cart and provide the necessary financial information and delivery address.

To find a local Avon representative, visit the Canadian Avon website and create a customer account by clicking on the "Buy Avon" tab at the top of the homepage. At this point, the site will require users to create an Avon account complete with their current address. After creating the account, Avon will provide information on the nearest Avon representative.

Contact the Avon representative directly, if desired, by calling the listed phone number or via the listed email address. The Avon representative will also be notified of the new potential customer in the area, so customers can wait until they are contacted via email, phone or mail with a catalog.

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