What Do You Do If Your Shoes Are Wet, and You Need to Dry Them?

What Do You Do If Your Shoes Are Wet, and You Need to Dry Them?

It is possible to dry wet shoes at home without damaging or shrinking them. Grab some dry newspaper and a household fan to get started. Depending on how wet the shoes are, the process takes anywhere from a few hours to a full day, and it's important to keep changing the paper stuffing so that it does not retain water. Direct heat and sunshine can damage shoes in this condition, so it is not wise to speed up the process by these means; patience is required to achieve the best results/

  1. Remove shoe inserts

    Start by removing the insoles, shoe supports and shoelaces from the shoes. Place the items on a flat surface to air dry.

  2. Pack shoes tightly with newspaper

    Crush and roll several sheets of dry newspaper into two loose balls, and place one ball in each shoe. Push the newspaper as deep into the toe section as possible. Make more newspaper balls and continue pushing them into the shoes as needed to fill the shoes completely.

  3. Give the shoes some air

    Place the shoes on a dry towel in front of a household fan set on medium to high speed. Rotate the shoes occasionally so that the shoes dry evenly on all sides.

  4. Replace the wet newspaper

    Change the newspaper as needed to retain absorbency. As the shoes dry, the packed newspaper helps them keep their shape and absorbs any odors. Repeat the steps as needed until the insides of the shoes are completely dry to the touch.