What Are the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete?

shoes-walking-concrete Credit: Mike Harrington/Taxi/Getty Images

The best shoes for walking on concrete are training or running shoes designed for under, over and neutral pronation, as well as considerations for arch patterns. Running and training shoes are designed to absorb repeated impact. Walking on concrete transfers more energy back to the feet, so properly supporting the walker's unique foot shape and walking style reduces foot fatigue and injury.

Training and running shoes often include pronation information in the product description. The wear pattern of shoes indicates the wearer's typical walking pattern. When shoes have wear concentrated on the outer edges of the tread, the best choice is under-pronators that protect the knees from injury. When the tread wear is concentrated on the heel and forefoot, the best selection is over-pronators that guard against heel spurs and stress fractures. Even wear on the tread indicates the need for neutral pronation or stability shoes that maintain the health of the arches. Athletic shoes with individualized cushion patterns that fit the walker's stride and foot shape reduce the risk of knee and foot pain after walking on concrete surfaces. Athletic shoes with anatomical foot beds and cushioning align the feet in a neutral position and reduce the stress on joints. The cushioning in training and running shoes pads the foot when it strikes the floor, but the individualized foot bed makes them the best types of shoes for walking on concrete.