What are best shoes for diabetic neuropathy?


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The best shoes for people suffering from diabetic neuropathy are those of durable construction with extra width, advices Best Diabetic Shoes. Shoes should be deep enough to allow space to insert insoles and ideally have thick and sturdy soles.

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What are best shoes for diabetic neuropathy?
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People suffering from diabetic neuropathy experience symptoms such as tingling, numbness and pain in the feet, states WebMD. Shoes that are specifically designed for diabetics can help minimize this discomfort.

In order for shoes to fit properly, they should include features such as extra-wide sizes and high toe boxes, according to Healthy Shoe Store. In order to prevent pressure points from developing and protect feet from abrasions and bumps, shoes should be made of durable and strong material, adds Best Diabetic Shoes.

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