What Are the Best Shoes for Bad Knees?


According to research studies, flat shoes with flexibility are the best choice for people suffering from knee problems. Flexible shoes such as flip flops, flat flexible walking shoes or sneakers are much easier on the knee joint than other types of shoes.

Millions of people suffer from knee ailments such as arthritis, which makes walking uncomfortable. Selecting the right type of shoes is essential to limiting the heavy impact of body weight on sensitive knee joints. Walking barefoot creates the least amount of stress on knees. Therefore, it is it is best to pick shoes that come closest to allowing the foot to move freely.

A flexible shoe bends back and forth easily. During the summer months a pair of flip flops is going to be a lot more comfortable than sturdy walking shoes. When trying on a pair of shoes, the goal is to find shoes that allows the foot to move easily. Flexible shoes allow more heel to toe action.

Avoid any shoes that are stiff and have little to no flexibility. Heavy leather work boots are an example of stiff shoes. A pair of high-heel pumps restrict feet and force a lot of weight onto the knees. Shoes like these should be worn sparingly.