Is the Shoe Width Size of E Wider Than the Shoe Widths C and D?

In women's shoe width sizing, E is considered to be extra wide with D being wide and B being the standard width. Men's shoe widths have E being wide with C and D width sizes being the standard. These shoe width sizes are based on the shoe sizing system used in the United States and Canada.

Apart from the width sizes already mentioned, other sizes used in the U.S. and Canada include size 2A as narrow for women's feet, B as narrow feet for men, EE as extra wide for women and EEE as extra wide for men.

Shoe width is not usually indicated, but if it is, it would be ideal to select the right width for a better fit. When it comes to the right width, the shoe should fit snugly but not too tight. Shoes of the right width should feel comfortable when worn, without slipping.

Shoe manufacturers suggest shifting to a narrower shoe size if the shoes tend to feel more spacious in terms of width. If the shoe feels too tight and makes the feet "sleep," then choosing a wider shoe is recommended. If feet fall in between width sizes, it is a good idea to go with the next wider sized shoe.