What Shoe Styles Are Well-Reviewed for Creating Classy Legs?

Basic black pumps, stiletto heels and nude-colored high heels all elongate the leg, creating a classy silhouette. Heels aren't the only option, though. Wearing flats with tights of the same color also creates the illusion of a longer, classier leg.

Use various shoe styles to create the illusion of a longer, more toned leg. Pointed-toe shoes extend beyond the toe, visually lengthening the foot and in turn, the leg. Heels and flats are both available in pointed-toe styles. Stilettos are shoes with a thin, high, tapering heel. They also visually lengthen the leg for a more flattering look.

A classic shoe, rather than a trendy one, also creates a classy look. Wear a classic black pump in any height. Tall, flat boots are a classic style for the fall and winter. Ankle strap shoes are a classic style that create a classy leg, but those with short or thick legs do best to avoid them as they visually cut the leg in half.

Create a long leg line by wearing shoes with a low vamp. The vamp is the upper section of the shoe that covers the top of the foot. A low vamp exposes more of the top of the foot, visually elongating the foot and leg.