What Shoe Sizes Are on a Dansko Shoe Size Chart?


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Sizes on Dansko shoe size charts vary for men and women but both use European, or EU, whole-size standards. Women's sizes are whole numbers from 35 to 43, while men's run from 41 to 48.

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Dansko shoe charts also show the corresponding U.S. size range for each EU size. Two U.S. sizes match every EU size. For instance, a woman's EU size 35 is equivalent to U.S. sizes 4 1/2 and 5. Men's EU size 45 matches U.S. 11 1/2 or 12. Dansko offers most shoes in a medium width. However, certain clogs come in both narrow and wide sizes for women and men.

Dansko's website offers tips to help customers obtain the best fit. For instance, closed-back clogs sometimes feel snug when feet first go in, but the toes should not touch the front of the shoe. Heels are supposed to move up and down in the clog when an individual is walking. Some styles have buckles and elastic to help people with high or low insteps find a comfortable fit. The company's website provides videos showing how to fit two styles of clogs: Professionals and XP.

Some open-back clogs and sandals have buckles, elasticized panels and convertible heel straps to help customize the fit. In some wearers, the heel of the foot reaches the very back of the shoe. However, others find it comfortable to have the foot slightly ahead of the shoe back.

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