How Does Shoe Size Relate to Sock Size on the Nike Chart?


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The Nike chart recommends size small socks for kids with size 3Y to 5Y shoes or for women with size four to six shoes. Size medium socks are for children's sizes 5Y to 7Y, women's shoe sizes from six to 10, and men's sizes between six and eight. Large socks are for women whose shoe sizes range from 10 to 13 and for men with shoe sizes between eight and 12, whereas extra large socks are best for men with a shoe size between 12 and 15.

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To determine a person's shoe size, stand with socks on with the heels flat against a wall and place a piece of blank, white paper under the foot. While standing on the paper, have another person make a mark at the longest part of the foot, and then measure this mark in inches to determine what size of shoe is correct based on the length of the foot.

Nike recommends measuring the foot length during the afternoon, as the feet typically swell during the day and so are at their largest during this time. The company also recommends measuring the length of both feet, as it is common for a person's feet to be of slightly different lengths.

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