What Are Some Shoe Department Websites From Major Retailers?


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Nearly every major clothing retailer in the United States offers footwear inventory as a separate tab in their online store. For major retailers including Macy's, Nordstrom, Kohl's and Target, users can easily navigate to the footwear department by clicking the Shoe tab on each retailer's main home page.

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What Are Some Shoe Department Websites From Major Retailers?
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For most retailers, the easiest way to get to the online shoe department is to simply go through the store's main home page. Some sample home pages to navigate to include Macy's at Macys.com, Nordstrom at Shop.Nordstrom.com, Kohl's at Kohls.com and Target at Target.com. Though the exact layout for each website varies, there is typically a main sidebar or a horizontal navigation bar across the top of the home page that displays the retailer's main departments. Users simply click on the Shoes tab to visit the footwear department.

From the Shoe page, most major retailers' websites provide filtered search options to help the customer narrow the footwear selection. Shoes can typically be filtered by intended wearer, type or style of shoe, brand and price. Most websites also offer a separate section for clearance inventory.

Customers who prefer not to shop through a major retailer can also purchase shoes from a variety of brands and designers through specialty online footwear retailers.

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