What Are Some Shoe Brands Made in the United States?

What Are Some Shoe Brands Made in the United States?

As of 2015, SOM Footwear, Zimmerman Shoes and Nick's Handmade Boots are shoe brands made in the United States. New Balance, Ana-Tech, Okabashi, Johansen and Footskins are also made in the Unites States.

SOM is a footwear company based in Colorado that designs shoes for an active lifestyle. Its offerings include products made from high-quality weather-proof materials that it designs to optimize comfort. The company intends for the shoes to produce the feeling of walking barefoot.

As of 2015, Ana-Tech is another company that produces comfort footwear made in the United States. It markets its shoes to people who are on their feet all day. The shoes provide a solid base for the fit with proper contouring to support the body's weight.

Another comfort footwear brand, Okabashi manufactures shoes in Georgia. The shoes combine the principles of reflexology with footwear design.

Zimmerman Shoes, based in Pennsylvania, makes footwear for children. The company bases its patterns on vintage shoes.

Nick's Handmade Boots are based in Spokane, Washington, and the company makes boots out of American materials. Nick's also fulfills orders for customized boots.

New Balance has a branch of shoes produced in one of its six U.S. factories. These shoes bear a "Made in the USA" stamp.

With a history that stretches back to 1876, Johansen manufactures women's shoes in Virginia. Its product inventory offers quality, style and fit.

Made in Minnesota, Footskins are vintage-style shoes. The company offers moccasins, boots and slippers made out from American-made leather.