What Shirts Do You Wear With Pinstripe Pants?

Pinstripe pants go best with a solid-toned shirt in a shade that complements the color of the pant. They can also be paired with a sports blazer for a stylish finish.

Wearing a simple shirt balances out the look of pinstripe pants. Style experts advise that women avoid wearing shirts with lace or ruffles and instead opt for simpler cuts that bring an elegant lift to the look.

Pin stripes have an elongating effect, which makes them a good pick for wearers who have short or stocky frames. For this reason, they are not recommended for people with lanky frames. In instances where pinstripe pants are being paired with a pinstripe suit, fashion experts recommend that wearers stick to at least one solid color between the shirt and tie. Solid-colored shirts provide some balance for the pinstripes. The choice of tie should either bring out the tone of the shirt or complement the look of the suit.

Pinstripes are a popular choice with professionals working in the financial industry. Their versatile look means that they can be worn from the office to a business meeting or any other 9-to-5event. However, pinstripes are a poor choice for social activities outside the office, such as dates, club outings or black tie occasions.