How Do You Shine Shoes?

How Do You Shine Shoes?

Prepare the shoes and work area for polishing, and dust off the shoes before covering them with shoe polish. Brush the shoes, and shine them again using a cotton ball. To shine shoes, you need some newspaper, a damp rag, a shoe polish brush, a horsehair shoeshine brush and a couple of cotton balls.

  1. Prepare the shoes and work area

    Spread newspaper where you plan to work. Brush loose dirt or dust off the shoes with a dampened rag. Let the shoes dry before applying polish.

  2. Cover the shoes with polish

    Use the shoe polish brush to apply polish all over the shoes. Use the horsehair brush to scrub the polish into the leather. Only a thin layer of polish should be left on each shoe.

  3. Shine the shoes a second time

    Dip a cotton ball into water, then apply extra polish to the heel and toe of the shoe. If you prefer, spit on the shoe before applying the final layers of polish. Use circular motions, and rub in the polish carefully. Repeat this step until the shoes are as shiny as desired, using a new cotton ball for each layer. Remove excess polish between layers. You can also use a very soft cloth or an old T-shirt for this step.