How Do You Do Shellac Nails?


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To apply shellac nail polish, buff and clean nails before applying shellac base coat, two coats of shellac color polish and a UV top coat. Each layer of polish should be cured under a UV lamp before applying the next. Wipe nail surfaces with alcohol to set the finish.

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Before applying shellac polish, buff nails to remove any ridges. Buffing also removes shine from the surface of the nails. Remove oil and dirt from the nails using a commercial nail cleaner or using polish remover and wiping with a lint-free pad. An alternative method of cleaning nails is to use soap and water.

Apply a thin, even coat of a shellac UV base coat to either hand. Cure hand under UV lamp for 10 seconds, and repeat this process with the other hand. Apply one thin coat of shellac color nail polish to the first hand and cure under UV lamp for 10 seconds. Repeat this process on the other hand. Apply a second coat of color to first hand and cure under UV lamp. Repeat for the second hand. Apply UV top coat to first hand and cure under the UV lamp for two minutes before repeating for the second hand. After allowing all layers to dry, use a lint-free pad dipped in alcohol to remove the tacky layer from the nails of both hands.

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