Is Shellac Bad for Your Nails?


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Shellac polish can be damaging to your nails. If you have nails that are already weakened, splitting or have any previous damage from nail treatments, Shellac can damage them further.

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Shellac nail polish is best recommended for people with healthy nails and nail beds. It is best to discuss the integrity of your nails with a nail care professional before deciding whether or not Shellac polish is right for you. The combination of the strong polish formula and the UV lighting that is used to seal the polish can be too harsh for individuals with thin or peeling nails.

The company responsible for creating Shellac polish, Creative Nail Design, recommends having the polish removed by a professional to avoid damage to the nail. The use of a very strong acetone is required to properly remove the polish, as is a special wrapping process used in nail salons. If the acetone is used incorrectly, it can be extremely corrosive to the nail and very drying to skin. Likewise, anyone trying to copy the wrapping technique without proper knowledge can end up damaging the nails. Shellac polish itself has not been found to be damaging to those with average, healthy nails when used and removed properly.

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