How Do You Shave With a Straight Razor?

How Do You Shave With a Straight Razor?

To shave with a straight razor, soften your beard with a hot towel, apply shaving foam, draw the razor through the hair, rinse, and apply aftershave. This 20-minute process requires a straight razor, shaving foam, a shaving brush, a mug, a mirror, a towel, hot water, aftershave and talcum powder.

  1. Soften the beard and shaving brush

    Wet a towel with hot water, wring it out, and wrap it around the lower half of your face. Put several inches of hot water in your shaving mug, insert the shaving brush, and soak the bristles for a few minutes.

  2. Apply shaving foam

    Take the brush out of the mug, and squeeze out the bristles. Empty the mug, then squirt a dollop of shaving foam into it. Remove the towel from your face. Pick up some foam with the shaving brush, and paint it over your beard. Use circular strokes so every hair is covered in foam.

  3. Draw the razor through the hair

    Hold the razor horizontally, and draw it through your beard in slow, steady strokes. Move it in the direction of hair growth, holding the skin taut with your other hand. Shave your cheeks, chin, jaw, and upper lip. Splash warm water on your face to remove the last bits of shaving foam.

  4. Apply aftershave

    Blot your face with a towel, and splash it with aftershave. Wait 30 seconds, then sprinkle your hands with talcum powder, rub them together, and pat the powder onto your face.