How Do You Shave With a Straight Edge Razor Kit?

How Do You Shave With a Straight Edge Razor Kit?

A straight-edge shaving kit provides a better shave, is environmentally friendly and is cheaper than consistently buying disposable razors. To shave facial hair using a straight-edge razor kit, you need a towel, a straight-edge razor, a shaving cream brush, a cup, shaving cream, aftershave, talcum powder, a hone and a strop.

  1. Prepare your facial hair

    Soften your facial hair by soaking a towel in hot water and holding it against your face for a few minutes.

  2. Lather the shaving cream

    Place a dollop of shaving cream in a cup. Wet your shaving cream brush, and stir the shaving cream into a thick lather.

  3. Apply the shaving cream

    Use the shaving cream brush to apply shaving cream over the facial hair you plan to shave.

  4. Shave your facial hair

    Hold the straight-edge razor by placing the first three fingers of your dominant hand against the back of the blade. Place your fourth finger against the top of the handle and your thumb against the outer side of the blade. Shave your facial hair at a 30-degree angle in the direction the hair grows.

  5. Rinse and protect your skin

    After shaving, rinse your face with cool water and pat it dry. Apply an aftershave and talcum powder to the shaved area to protect your skin.

  6. Maintain your straight-edge razor

    After using your straight-edge razor, always use a hone and a strop to sharpen and maintain the blade.