How Do You Get the Best Shave for Men?


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Proper skin preparation and use of a single-blade razor help ensure the best shave for men. Prior to shaving, warm the skin with a shower or hot towel, massage in non-irritating, lubricating shaving gel or cream to both soften and stimulate the hair follicles, and shave with a single-blade razor in the direction of the hair rather than against it. Pat the face rather than rubbing it after shaving.

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How Do You Get the Best Shave for Men?
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When using the razor itself, never press too hard to avoid cuts. Use strokes that are light and brief around the chin and jaw region. A cool water rinse is best after a shave to minimize irritation and dryness. To avoid dry skin, moisturize with a balm or face lotion after shaving. Gels provide soothing relief as well as a toning effect. Avoid alcohol-based aftershave and cologne since both can cause irritation when applied after shaving.

Do not use towels to dry razors since doing so can dull blades. Rinse razor blades well, and allow them to air dry. Replace blades when they become dull. Use of dull blades results in ingrown hairs, razor bumps and other irritating effects. For men who experience frequent ingrown hairs, laser hair removal is an option.

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