How Do You Shave the Bikini Area Using Pictures?


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Shave the bikini area with a razor, shower gel, skin care products and warm water by using step-by-step instructions that include pictures. WikiHow.com uses illustrations in its tutorial for women, "How to Shave Your Bikini Area Completely."

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The bikini shaving process is broken down into how to shave the front, how to shave the inner thigh and how to prevent irritation. The woman shaving the area starts by deciding what she would like the front area to look like. Provided pictures are helpful at this step. Next, she should trim excess long hair, bathe and exfoliate the area. She wets the area, prepares it with shaving gel and, using a new multi-blade razor, shaves in the direction of hair growth using a slow, steady motion. Pictures illustrating this step are useful for demonstration.

Shaving the thighs begins with bending and lifting one leg onto the wall of a bathtub or sink. Again, the area is prepared with warm water and shaving gel. The shaving motion is from the outside in, horizontally, with light strokes.

To prevent irritation, the area is again exfoliated and patted dry with a soft towel. The area is then moisturized with lotion or baby oil and powdered with baby powder to reduce skin inflammation.

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