How Do You Sharpen Tweezers?

To sharpen tweezers, hold a nail file between the blades, and rub the blades over the rough nail file surface. Before starting this task, wash the blades with warm water, and dry them. You need to take care not to cut your hands during the sharpening.

  1. Clean the tweezers

    Remove any hair residue and debris from the blades by rinsing the tweezers with warm water. If necessary, repeat the process until the blades are free of debris, and then blot the tweezers dry with a towel.

  2. File the tweezers

    Grab the tweezers in your dominant hand, and have a nail file in the other hand, and bring the tips of the tweezers together against the nail file sandwiched between them. Rub the blades against the rough surface of the file by quickly pulling the file in one direction and then pushing it back. Repeat the back-and-forth motions until the tweezers are sharp, taking caution not to cut your fingers with the blades. For better results, change the direction of filing periodically.

  3. Check the tweezers, and repeat if necessary

    Examine the blades to determine if they are sufficiently sharp. If they are not, continue sharpening them until you are satisfied with the results.