How Do You Shape Eyebrows With a Razor?

To shape your eyebrows with a razor, obtain a razor that is specifically designed for shaping the eyebrows, wet and comb your eyebrows, and carefully remove unwanted eyebrow hairs. You need eyebrow gel, a facial moisturizer, an eyebrow comb, a disposable eyebrow razor, warm water, a mirror and only 30 minutes to complete this process.

  1. Wet your eyebrows

    Wet your eyebrows with warm water to make them loose. Loosened eyebrows are easy to cut and shape because the steam from warm water opens up the air follicles and the pores that surround the eyebrows.

  2. Comb your eyebrows

    Using a mirror and the eyebrow comb, straighten out your eyebrows in order to allow the overgrown hair stand out. Combing also aligns your eyebrow hair strands and helps you know the sections that need shaping.

  3. Cut and shape your eyebrows

    Using the disposable eyebrow razor, trim your eyebrows from underneath to remove all the hair that grows outside the natural area of your eyebrows. Cut off any overgrown hair that stands out after combing. Use short and slow strokes so that only the unwanted hair is removed. Be careful not to cut your skin or your eyes. Take a look at your eyebrows in the mirror to know the areas you have missed, and trim them to refine the shape. Try to come up with two symmetrical eyebrows after shaping.

  4. Apply eyebrow gel and facial moisturizer

    Finalize the procedure by applying the eyebrow gel to hold your eyebrow hair in place. Apply the facial moisturizer to prevent red bumps and itchy skin.