How Do You Shape a Beard?

How Do You Shape a Beard?

To shape a beard, comb it out, and use clippers to remove stray hairs. Create a neckline, shave off the stray hairs, and trim the mustache. Use a clipper over comb technique to square off the beard body.

  1. Prepare the beard hair

    Comb out the beard with a wide-tooth comb. Use a fine-tooth comb for the mustache.

  2. Trim the stray hairs from the beard

    If the beard is short enough, no more than 1 inch long, use beard clippers with the appropriate attachment. Start on one side just under the ear, and clip over to the other side. Work against the grain of the beard. If your beard is longer than 1 inch, skip this step.

  3. Design your neckline

    Visualize a curving line from ear to ear intersected by a straight line from the sideburns. Use beard clippers with the shortest attachment to trim long hair outside of the neckline, and then shave it with a razor.

  4. Trim the mustache

    Comb the hairs down. Use scissors to trim the line along your lips. Start in the middle, and work toward each corner.

  5. Create the shape of the beard body

    Pull the long hairs in front down with the wide-tooth comb. Run beard trimmers over the comb to cut the beard straight across. If your face is round, leave the chin hairs slightly longer. Use the comb and beard trimmers to square the sides of the beard in the same way. For narrow faces, leave the sides a little longer.