Is There a Shampoo That Can Make Hair Grow Faster?


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A shampoo that claims to grow hair faster has entered the market. However, it is generally said by most professionals that it is not possible to make hair grow significantly faster.

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F.A.S.T. Shampoo, which gets its title from Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy, was introduced throughout Canada as well as the United Kingdom and United States. It is said to work by stimulating hair growth at the follicle using a combination of herbs and amino acids, and some clinical trials conducted have indicated that it does increase the rate of hair growth, especially with continued use. As of November of 2014, it is available in the U.S. at select retailers in Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, New Jersey and Michigan.

However, the product is relatively new as of 2014, and dermatologists generally agree that it isn't possible to make hair grow faster. Still, a healthy diet with enough protein, omega-3 acids and B vitamins ensures steady, healthy hair growth. A healthy scalp is crucial to healthy hair, and using products specifically formulated to target the scalp, including shampoos made with sunflower and almond oils, is recommended. Preventing hair breakage by avoiding harsh chemicals and heat styling tools along with taking biotin supplements to strengthen hair strands also helps.

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