What Are Some Shag Haircuts for Older Women With Fine Hair?

shag-haircuts-older-women-fine-hair Credit: Jilly Wendell/Photodisc/Getty Images

Soft layers are suitable shaggy styles for older women with fine hair. One type of shag-style haircut is called the "Sassy Miss," according to the Latest Hairstyles site. The classic "bob" can also be layered, and works well for older women, notes Good Housekeeping.

Most shaggy cuts require a quick blow dry and raking through the hair with fingers, to enhance the bounce for thin hair. Shaggy hairstyles are versatile, whereby hair is layered to suit the shape of the face and thickness of the hair. These cuts can include short or long bobs, according to Her Interest list of 50 popular, shag hairstyles.