How Do You Sew a Wiggle Dress?

How Do You Sew a Wiggle Dress?

To sew a wiggle dress, choose a pattern and select your fabric. Then, cut and mark the fabric pieces to match the pattern. Assemble the dress, and add the finishing touches.

  1. Choose a pattern

    Find a pattern for a wiggle dress. A wiggle dress is an exaggerated, form-fitting sheath dress. The difference between a sheath dress and a wiggle dress is that the skirt of a wiggle dress tapers from the hips to the hemline, while a sheath dress does not. Measure your body at the bust, natural waist and hip to find the size of pattern you need.

  2. Select a fabric

    Match the pattern and type of fabric with the style and pattern of the dress. Wiggle dresses can be any pattern, but the fabric should be thin enough to be body-hugging.

  3. Cut and mark the fabric

    Pin the cut fabric pieces to the pattern. Make sure to pick the correct pattern pieces for your size. Mark the fabric where the pattern says.

  4. Form the shape

    Bend and fold the fabric based on the marks on the fabric. Pin the folds in place. Use darts to shape the fabric more closely to the wearer's shape in the style of a wiggle dress.

  5. Assemble the dress

    Sew the pieces of the fabric together as the pattern instructs, or choose a fine-sewing technique. Make sure to keep your seams on the inside of the dress. Do not sew the paper pattern to the dress.

  6. Add finishing touches

    Add any finishing touches you desire, such as buttons or trim.