How Do You Sew in a Weave on People With Short Hairstyles?

sew-weave-people-short-hairstyles Credit: Tinatin1/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To sew in a weave on people with short hair, make a secure base around the perimeter of the head. Begin by braiding the natural hair in a cornrow fashion around the edge while adding in loose synthetic hair to extend the length and thickness of short tresses.

Continue braiding to create a flat surface to sew hair wefts or tracks on to in the middle of the head and to protect the remainder of natural hair in a braid pattern that eventually lies underneath the weave.

Cover the completed braid pattern with a weaving net or cap, and attach it around the braided perimeter with sewing thread. Sew the hair wefts onto the weaving net to reduce tension on the natural hair and to lessen the chances of the hair being cut during takedown. Tight threads can pull on the scalp, loosening the short hair from its braided base.

If you’re going for a more natural look or want to reduce tension on the short edges of the hair, braid the hair base in a linear pattern rather than circular and leave the edges or baby hairs around the perimeter loose. Attach the weaving net in the same manner as stated above, but do so at the start of each linear cornrow of the alternate braiding pattern.