How Do You Sew a Simple Long Summer Skirt?

How Do You Sew a Simple Long Summer Skirt?

Long summer skirts are flattering, comfortable and easy to make at home. The required supplies are 2 yards of knit fabric, a measuring tape, thread, sewing shears, a sewing machine and fabric pins. This project takes about an hour.

  1. Measure your waist and legs

    Measure your waist. Divide the figure by four and write down that number. This is the waist measurement. Add 7 inches to it and record that number as the lower hem measurement. Then measure from your waist to your ankles. Add 2 inches for the hem and record that as the length measurement.

  2. Pin the waistline

    Fold your fabric in half and lay it on your work surface. To pin the waistline, consult your measurements and lay the tape measure across the top of the fabric. Count the required number of inches, according to your noted measurements, and place a pin to indicate the end of the waistline.

  3. Pin the hem

    Put the end of the tape measure in the middle of the waistband and extend it down. Measure out the number of inches indicated on your measurement sheet and mark the skirt's lower boundary with a pin. Use the measuring tape to determine the width of the hem and place pins on both sides.

  4. Cut the fabric

    Cut the folded fabric into two panels. Stack the pieces and pin them with their right sides facing in.

  5. Sew the sides and lower hem

    Sew the long edges together. Fold the hem up 1 inch and iron the fold. Make another 1-inch fold and iron again. Stitch along the double fold.

  6. Create the waistband

    Cut an additional piece of fabric that is twice as long as the waistband. Fold it in half with the right side facing in and then sew the ends together. Place the band around the top of your skirt and stitch it in place.

  7. Reverse the fabric

    Turn your skirt right side out. If you spot dangling threads, clip them.