What Are Seven Different Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf?


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Seven ways to wear the infinity scarf include wearing it as a head wrap, in the classic double style, as a shirt, Houdini style, as a skater skirt, in the Earth-goddess style and as a vest. Many of these styles have variations.

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To wear the scarf as a head wrap, place it around the neck and twist the portion that hangs down into a figure eight. Place the newly formed hole over the head, and adjust it so that the neck pieces cover the head well. The scarf can also be worn as an infinity head wrap. To create this look, place the scarf over the forehead and let the ends trail down the back. Keep the cap portion of the scarf pulled tightly while twisting the ends that are hanging down together. Wrap the twisted ends around the base of the skull and around the front of the head. Twist the remaining length again, and wrap it around the head. Repeat the process until the scarf is tight.

There are also two ways to wear the infinity scarf as a vest. The simplest way is to place the scarf behind the head and slip each arm inside of the opening. Keep the bulk of the fabric tucked behind the neck. Another way to wear the scarf as a vest is to begin by laying the scarf across the neck, allowing the ends to rest against the front of the body. Place a skinny belt around the waist to pull the vest taut against the body and to emphasize the waist.

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