How Do You Set a Timex Ironman Watch?


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To set a Timex Ironman watch, use the "Recall/Set" button to set the seconds and the "Mode" button to set the hours and minutes. Use the "Lap/Reset" button to set the hours, minutes and seconds as desired. To save the time set, press the "Recall/Set" button.

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The "Recall/Set" button is located at the bottom corner on the right side of the face of the watch. Press this button till the seconds unit as indicated on the display starts to blink. Now, press the "Lap/Reset" button, which is the button on the right side located beneath the face of the watch. This causes the seconds unit to reset to "00".

Next, press the "Mode" button, which is located on the left side of the face of the watch, to set the hours unit. When this button is pressed, the hours unit on the display begins to blink. To set the hours unit to the desired hour, press the "Lap/Reset" button. Pressing this button once causes the hours unit to move ahead by one hour. Accordingly, press the button as many times as required.

Again press the "Mode" button to advance to the minutes unit. When this unit begins to blink, press the "Lap/Reset" button in a similar manner to set the minutes. Finally, press the "Recall/Set" button to save the time set and to come out of the setup mode of the watch.

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