How Do You Set the Time on a Timex Armitron Watch?

To set the time on an Armitron watch, first identify the top-left button as A, the bottom-left button as B, the top-right button as C and the bottom-right button as D. Press A to begin setting the time and date. When the numbers flash, press B to move to the hours and minutes option. Press C until the hours and minutes are correct. Press A to lock in the hours and minutes.

To set the alarm on an Armitron, press the B button twice, and then press A. As the hours begin to flash, use C to set the correct hour. Press B to switch to minutes, and use C again to set the alarm correctly. Press B twice and use the C button to turn on the alarm; this also activates a chime that sounds each hour. The alarm and chime are correctly deployed when symbols picturing a bell and a house appear on the watch.

The Armitron watch comes in men's, women's and unisex styles and features a clock, alarm and timer function. They come in many styles, including square and round, and they are secured by resin straps that vary in color depending on the model. They retail for around $20, as of 2015.