How Do You Set the Time on a Casio Illuminator?


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Hold down the "A" button, wait for the second field numbers to flash, and push the "C" button to reset the seconds to "00". Pull on the crown knob to set the hands to the correct time, and press the "B" button to change different time fields.

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In order to change the daylight saving time settings, press the "C" button to turn it on or off. Turning the daylight saving time on advances the time by one hour and illuminates a DST symbol.

To change the date, push the "B" button to highlight the day, month or year and then press the "C" button to advance each one. To move through numbers quickly, hold down the "C" button to move through increments. Press the "A" button to save the settings.

The Casio Illuminator watch shows the time even when it is pitch black, using a black light that manually or automatically illuminates. To turn on the automatic illumination, hold down the "C" button for two seconds. To illuminate the black light automatically, hold the watch straight, and then tilt the face of the watch 40 degrees. To turn the automatic black light off again, hold down the "C" button for another two seconds.

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