How Do You Set the Time on an Armitron 45 Watch?

To set the time on an Armitron 45 watch, set up an alarm by using the mode, light, date and alarm buttons. Once the alarm is set, the current date and time can be assigned using the same buttons.

To set the alarm, begin by pressing the mode button until the numbers on the watch begin to flash. While the numbers are flashing, press the alarm button to change the hour. Once the hour is set, press the mode button to set the minutes, again using the alarm button. After the time of the alarm is set up, press the date button to advance to the setting the current time. In this step, use the alarm button to change the hour and the date button to change the minutes, seconds and the date. When each of these steps is complete, finally press the mode button and the watch should read the current time and date.

To activate or deactivate the alarm or the hourly chime, hold the alarm button down and press the date button to toggle through the different options by viewing the symbols on the front of the watch. If the face of the watch displays the house symbol, then the hourly chime is on. If the bell symbol is shown, then the alarm is on.