How Do You Set a Mechanical Watch?


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To set a mechanical watch, pull the crown as far away from the watch base as possible. After pulling the crown, turn it clockwise until the hands reach the time desired. Push the crown back in, and turn it until a small amount of resistance is met.

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Many mechanical watches also have a date and time, which is set by pulling the crown to the first position and turning the dial clockwise again until it reads the date. In order to pull the crown to the first position, pull it from the base until a click is felt.

A mechanical watch can be damaged if it is turned counter clockwise when being set. It is also vital to not set the watch between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. This is because when the mechanism that changes the date is activated and if the time and date are set during that period, then it can potentially damage important parts in the watch itself.

Mechanical watches require a certain amount of maintenance an upkeep in order to keep them functional for long periods of time. Standard practices dictate that a watch should be wound at least once a month.

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