What Services Are Usually Offered by a Shoe Repair Shop?


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Typical services of a shoe repair shop include replacing soles and heels, shoe stretching, replacement of eyelets and other hardware, waterproofing, and applying heel savers or protective soles. Shoe repair shops also adapt shoes or boots to fit more comfortably.

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Repairing and maintaining shoes as necessary extends the life of the shoes by a considerable margin, which is more economically sound than buying new ones. Well-maintained men's shoes of good quality can be resoled up to 10 times, and good quality women's shoes up to five times. With reconditioned uppers and new heels and soles, the shoes appear new yet still maintain worn-in comfort.

Worn out heels can change gait, which can negatively affect the back, hips, knees, ankles and feet, causing discomfort and other physical issues. Shoes that fit improperly can also cause blisters, bunions, corns and calluses, so utilizing a respectable shoe repair shop to care for and maintain shoes can alleviate many forms of discomfort and physical problems.

Proper maintenance and repair of shoes also adds to overall appearance and can help to provide a good impression in both professional and social settings. Worn-out or old-looking shoes can spoil a good impression and give the appearance of sloppiness and inattention to detail.

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