How Do I Do the Sephora Eyeshadow Technique Called the Candy Eye?

How Do I Do the Sephora Eyeshadow Technique Called the Candy Eye?

To execute the Sephora eye shadow technique known as Candy Color, apply several shades of eye shadow in blended bands across the eyelids. The look is finished with a deep gray eyeliner and black mascara.

  1. Gather the right materials

    In order to create the Sephora Candy Color eye, a number of products are needed. An eye base primer, light- and medium-blue eye shadows, a violet eye shadow, a steel gray metallic eyeliner and black mascara are all required. The eye shadows should be highly pigmented and iridescent. A highlighter powder is helpful.

  2. Apply the look

    To begin, cover both eyelids with a thin layer of eye base primer. Although silicone primers provide the most adhesion, they can cause blemishes in sensitive skin. Once the primer is dry, cover the entire eyelid from the lash line to just under the brow bone with a light-blue eye shadow. Take the violet eye shadow and apply to the outer third of the eyelid on both eyes, again tracing the curves of the brow bone. Next, apply the medium-blue eye shadow to the inner third of the eyelid on both eyes, including around the inner corners. The middle portion of the eyelid will only have the light-blue eye shadow. Gently blend the eye shadows into one another, taking care to soften any harsh lines without losing the distinction between the different areas. Set with a light dusting of a highlighter powder.

  3. Finish the look

    Finally, line both the top and bottom lids with a steel gray eyeliner. The eyeliner should have a metallic hue and can even have glitter. Coat the top and bottom lashes with several coats of true black mascara.