How Do You Do a Senegalese Twist Hairstyle?


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A Senegalese twist hairstyle begins with separating and twisting two small sections of hair together, then twisting two of those coils together to the bottom of the hair, according to Black-Women-Beauty-Central.com. The process is then repeated until all of the hair is braided, and the twists can be sealed at the bottom by carefully dipping the ends of the twists into boiling water.

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Extensions can be inserted in the twists by bending the extensions across two sections of hair before twisting them together, and are recommended to add highlights to the twists. Hair should be washed, dried and combed, but not oiled, before twisting it, according to Black-Women-Beauty-Central.com.

Twisting the hair requires two hair clips to separate the sections to be twisted and a tail comb to comb out the hair before braiding. Optional supplies include synthetic extensions to include in the twists, and flake-free gel.

The braids can last up to three months if they are cared for properly. Care suggestions include washing once a week with diluted shampoo, avoiding conditioner except for liquid leave-in conditioner, lightly oiling the scalp two or three days a week, and sleeping with a scarf tied around the braids. Senegalese twists are easier to take out than other braiding styles and work with natural hair and extensions.

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