How Do You Sell Used Fur Coats?


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Sell used fur coats to vintage clothing stores, private buyers, or online buyers such as Buymyfur.com and Cashforfurcoats.com. Furriers also often sell used fur coats on consignment. Fur coats can also be donated to charity or recycled.

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The resale value of a fur is usually considerably less than the replacement value indicated on its insurance appraisal. Age, style, condition, size and marketability of the pelt must all be taken into account to determine the amount a fur can reasonably be sold for. Furs that cannot be resold can usually be recycled into scarves, throws, pillows, stuffed animals and even earrings. Animal skins have a shelf life of about 20 years, as they tend to dry out and tear as they age.

Fur, which is one of the oldest forms of clothing, is prized for its durability and insulation properties. Common sources for fur clothing and accessories include fox, rabbit, mink, muskrat and beaver. Ermine, sable, seal and chinchilla are also popular. Dogs, cats and hamsters have also been skinned for fur.

The popularity of fur peaked in the 1930s when it was seen as a status symbol in North America and Europe. Since then its popularity has waned, mostly due to changing public attitudes about animal welfare and the availability of lighter, synthetic options.

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