How Do You Sell Scrap Metal?

How Do You Sell Scrap Metal?

Most metals can often be recycled for cash at scrapyards. However, it is a good idea to contact ahead of visiting to make sure a particular scrapyard is currently purchasing.

Some metals are worth more than others. Follow the steps below to sell scrap metals.

  1. Separate metals
  2. Check to see which of the available scrap a magnet will stick to. These are ferrous metals and are usually less valuable than non-ferrous scrap, which magnets do not stick to.

  3. Contact a scrapyard
  4. Using the yellow pages, an online search tool like the iScrap App or performing a web search, find the contact details for local scrapyards and get in touch to ask about selling procedures and estimated rates. Find a buyer who makes an offer you agree with.

  5. Deliver the metal
  6. Transport the metals to the scrapyard, following their instructions for unloading. Most scrapyards pay upon receipt.