How Do You Sell Jade Stones?

To sell jade stones, get an expert appraisal, in writing, from a gem appraiser, jeweler, antiques dealer or auction house. Before setting a price, check the selling prices on online auctions, not the asking prices, and look for similar stones for sale by online antiques dealers and jewelers. Offer jade stones to collectors, jewelers, artists and resellers. Set up a booth at a weekend flea market or street fair, or sell the stones on an Internet auction site.

The written appraisal is important when setting a price, and it assures a buyer of the quality of the stones. The appraisal identifies the type of jade. The most valuable jade is called jadeite, a very tough, fine-grained stone with luminous colors. Jadeite is favored by collectors and may be carved and made into bracelets, rings, necklaces and delicate traditional Asian sculptures.

Jadeite stones with clear color and smooth texture that can be cut into matching or graduated beads and strung are sought after. Long strings of large beads command very high prices.

Nephrite is a lower quality jade with a different mineral and crystal structure, but it is still valuable enough to sell. Sculptors and artists who create jewelry and small figures, and hobbyists who make jewelry, are potential customers for nephrite jade stones.