How Do You Sell Your Hair?

How Do You Sell Your Hair?

To sell your hair, grow it out to a healthy, chemically untreated 10 inches or longer. List it online through a specialized website.

  1. Maintain healthy hair

    Healthy hair is key to making a sale. "Virgin" hair is preferred, meaning hair that has not been dyed, chemically straightened, permed or bleached. While growing out your hair, do not smoke, and avoid daily heat styling and even washing. Maintaining a healthy diet also helps the hair to grow thicker and stronger. Certain supplements, such as prenatal vitamins, have also been shown to improve the overall quality of hair.

  2. Select a website

    Research websites specializing in the sale of human hair. Some charge a listing fee. Look for a site with a strong history of sales.

  3. Create a listing

    Research listings of current and past sales on your chosen website to get an idea of what to write in your listing and what to charge. Include details of your lifestyle and your hair, including its length, color, quality and care. Add pictures of your hair worn down and in a braid or ponytail.

  4. Complete the sale

    Once you've accepted an offer from a buyer and received payment, cut your hair, and place it in a plastic bag. The buyer may provide precise instructions on how to restrain the hair before cutting. Package and ship your hair. Consider purchasing insurance and delivery confirmation in case of loss.