How Do You Select a Simple Dress for a Second Wedding?

When selecting a simple dress for a second wedding, brides should pick a dress that flatters the figure and be open to choosing a color other than white. However, brides need to be open-minded, because personal style, the time of day and the type of wedding venue influence the type of wedding dress to select. For example, personal style may dictate a dress that shows off a bride's cleavage, or a dress that is more traditional.

Simple wedding dresses have minimal decorations such as beading and embroidery, but may include pleating, rouching or a bow. A church suit is a simple alternative to a dress, and is popular among older brides. Older brides typically select their dresses with their grooms to make sure that they are flattering and appropriate.

Another tip when choosing a simple dress for a second wedding is minding the length of the dress. Dresses that are shorter than knee length are typically unflattering on older brides, and are in many cases too informal and overly sexual on brides of all ages. Many brides choose floor-length evening dresses for their second wedding.

A wedding dress should always be comfortable, and another tip is to try on different wedding dresses at a store to figure out if they are comfortable to wear for seven hours, making sure to sit, stand and dance in them.