How Do You Select Cologne for Men?


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Selecting a men's fragrance involves choosing a style and profile of cologne, narrowing down the options and trying them on. Many times a man's cologne works best if it matches his personality.

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The first step is choosing a scent profile, typically citrus, spicy or green. Styles of colognes fall under a fragrance family, typically floral, amber, woody, leather or herbaceous.

A man's personality drives which cologne style works best for him. For example, a casual or sporty man does well with citrus-based scents. Outdoorsy men often like green profiles with woody, herbaceous or leather fragrances. A more formal man might prefer spicy, amber or musky scents.

The next step is to try on different colognes in the profile and fragrance family. The best option is going to a department store. The man in question shouldn't be wearing any scent, preferably not even deodorant. Talk to the clerk at the men's cologne counter about scents that match the profile and fragrance family.

Don't try scents on the skin right away. The clerk should spray scent strips. It's even possible to go home with the strips or a sample of the target cologne. Once the choices are narrowed down, select one or two to try on the skin. Walk around for about half an hour before making a final decision.

Other considerations for buying a man's cologne are price and bottle style.

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