What Is the Secret to Perfect Skin?


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Flawless skin requires a care and maintenance regimen that includes sun protection and healthy lifestyle habits. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are further keys to perfect skin.

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What Is the Secret to Perfect Skin?
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Using sunscreen is the first secret to beautiful skin. Not only can exposure to the sun cause skin cancer, it's also the main cause of wrinkles. Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen with a minimum 30 SPF every day, even cloudy days. A teaspoon of sunscreen is the correct amount to fully protect the face.

Smoking also causes wrinkles. Likewise, staying hydrated internally by drinking eight glasses of water a day promotes external hydration.

A proper skin care regimen starts with cleansing appropriate to skin type. Even oily skin shouldn't be washed with harsh cleanser, however. Very dry skin should receive treatment with cold cream and normal skin with gentle cleanser. Always remove makeup at night, using specialized remover for eye makeup.

Skin needs exfoliation once a week. One option is to use a gentle facial scrub. A make-at-home scrub consists of skin cleanser mixed with refined sugar on a washcloth. Microdermabrasion kits work for deeper exfoliation.

Skin needs moisture to look beautiful. The correct moisturizer depends on the skin type. Use gel moisturizer on oily skin because it doesn't add oil. Heavier creams work well for dry or aging skin. Facial oil is an organic option for normal to dry skin.

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