How Do You Seal Wefts?

Seal hair extension wefts by applying fabric sealant, super glue or clear nail polish onto the weft for the entire length of the hair extension. Allow the sealant to dry prior to installing hair extensions. To seal hair wefts, you need sealant, an applicator bottle and a flat surface.

  1. Select a sealant

    There are many products that may be used to seal the wefts of your hair extensions. Suitable sealants include products designed especially for sealing weaves, fabric sealant, super glue, and even clear nail polish. Research available sealants to find the best product to suit your needs.

  2. Apply sealant to hair extensions

    Select one bundle of hair extensions, and spread them across a flat surface, such as a table or counter. Be sure to cover surface beforehand to prevent damage. Apply sealant to entire weft of one side of the hair extension. Allow the sealant to dry before repeating on the other side of hair extensions. Repeat this process for all bundles of weave used in hair weave installation.

  3. Seal weave ends

    When installing hair extensions, use weft sealant on the ends of any pieces of extensions that are cut through the weft. If installing a weave without cutting wefts, you do not need to seal the wefts any further.