How Do You "scrunch" Your Hair?

To scrunch the hair, start by shampooing and conditioning it. After towel drying, apply a curl-enhancing gel or mousse, avoiding the root area. Flip the head upside down, and use the hands to scrunch the hair together in bunches. Let the hair dry naturally, scrunching it every 5 to 10 minutes until it's completely dry.

Scrunching can be used to style both straight and curly hair, although those with curly hair tend to have the best results. To achieve a more voluminous style, try using a volumizing shampoo before scrunching, and choose a light conditioner that does not weigh the hair down. Never try to scrunch dry hair; the end result is likely to be frizzy and messy.

Avoid using a blow dryer to dry a scrunched style; the heat and air make hair frizzy. If scrunched hair looks fuzzy even after air-drying, try applying a smoothing serum to give it some shine. Another option is to try using different types of products when scrunching hair. Mousse tends to work best because it gives the hair some texture while also holding it in place, but depending on an individuals hair's natural qualities, gels and even hair sprays may also yield the desired results.