What Are Some Scottish Tattoo Ideas?


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Popular in both Scotland and the U.S., most Scots tattoos feature iconic symbols connected to Scottish heritage, like the boar, lion and the unicorn. Scotland has a long and storied history of conflict; it is a relatively small nation, but known throughout the world for fierce bravery in the pursuit of independence.

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Founded in 843AD and initially inhabited by people from Northern Ireland, Scotland has traditional fought for independence and home rule. Scottish tattoos represent the battles but also Scot's connections to their ancestry via the plaid design of tartans. The struggles and conflict are represented in tattoos with depictions of knives, pikes, swords and axe hammers. There are 13 regions in Scotland, each with its own unique clan tartan and crest; they are all available as graphics for tattoos.

Great Scottish tattoo designs include the incorporation of the clan animals, like stags, swans and badgers. The Scottish flag is also great tattoo drawing; a royal blue square with a white X. If you prefer word tattoos, the lyrics of Scotland the Brave are an excellent choice, particularly the chorus, ‘Land of my heart forever, Scotland the Brave.’ Common relations of the Scottish tattoo are bag pipers, the word ‘Unite’ and clan mottoes like ‘Royal is My Race.’

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