What Are Some Scotland Tattoo Designs?


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Scotland tattoo designs can feature the actual country, the Scottish coat of arms, the Scottish flag or other Celtic designs. Scotland tattoos can also highlight other national imagery or feature the Gaelic language.

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The flag of Scotland is blue with a white cross. Some tattoos incorporate this design inside an outline of the country. Another option is filling in the outline with typical Scottish plaid, especially if the wearer has a clan affiliation. The country of Scotland can also be tattooed as a map. Some people get tattoos of a scene in Scotland, such as Culloden Field or a city skyline.

The Scottish coat of arms features a rampant lion, which often gets incorporated into Scotland tattoos. Some people also get tattoos of flags with the rampant lion and the Scottish cross. Scottish clan tattoos are popular. These typically look like a medallion with a clan picture inside and a motto in Gaelic.

Celtic designs are recognized as typically Scottish. Celtic crosses and knots are especially popular. Some people mix the Celtic designs with plaid or the Scottish cross. Others get words in Gaelic, sometimes incorporated with other designs, sometimes alone. Some people go for a simple "Made in Scotland" stamp. Others have full portraits of bagpipe players or just the bagpipes. A Gaelic warrior is another option.

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