What Does Scar Tissue Feel Like?

Externally, scar tissue can feel like a tightened patch of skin, or like a raised bump that is usually red in color. Internally, it can feel like tightness, and can make it difficult to move joints. Scar tissue also can also feel like numbness, particularly if it is centralized around a nerve.

Scar tissue on the surface of the skin can be the result of the healing process. Keloid scars that appear on the skin can be removed by surgery or freezing therapy. Their formation can be prevented to begin with if silicone pads are used on top of the injury to aid with healing.

Contracture scars will also appear on the very surface of the skin and potentially extend into the muscles to cause tightness around all parts. Hypertrophic scars are a lot like keloid scars, except that they will not go beyond the boundaries of wherever the wound was. They can be injected with steroids to be flattened and less visible.

Scars that extend into the muscles can cause a weakening of the muscle, and even a minimized range of motion. Scars that affect the muscles through scar tissue can be broken up through Active Release Techniques. Chiropractic techniques and Pilates can also help.