How Do You Get the Same Look As Hollister Models?

How Do You Get the Same Look As Hollister Models?

To get the same look as Hollister models, study their professional pictures and note their clothing and makeup. Additionally, pay attention to the models' hairstyles. Hollister models have a trendy beach style, and the clothes they wear are from Hollister Co.

To look like a Hollister model, first wear clothing from the Hollister Co. retail store. To match a look, one can find the model's exact outfit in the store or the Hollister website.

Also, Hollister ads feature models who appear happy, with clear skin and clean, white teeth.

The Hollister company is inspired by the town of Hollister in California; much of the store's clothing line has a southern California beach vibe. In addition the models have natural-looking suntanned skin. Gals have flowing, beach wavy hair and the gentlemen have natural styles as well. Models are often barefoot or wearing Hollister brand flip flops.

To transform your current wardrobe to match a Hollister model's look, layer several pieces of lightweight clothing, pair jeans with flip flops and wear natural looking makeup.

Hollister models are toned and fit; working out helps with both obtaining your look and maintaining your health.

Use sunless tanner to obtain the sun-kissed glow that is seen on most Hollister models.